– Which magic show for you?

Which birthday magic show is right for your child?


Your birthday magic show is going to be a special time for your child and create a lifelong memory. Choosing which kid’s magic show is best using my show finder makes it easy… All you do is find your child’s grade and decide what’s best. Why grade and not age? The maturity difference between the magic for an 8 year old second grader and an 8 year old third grader is substantial. Remember that each magic show I perform is slightly tailored for each kids grade group. A full length show is about 50 minutes long but all show can be shorter if requested. Scouts, school and childcare shows can all be adjusted to time.

I guarantee all my magic shows will entertain the kids for the full length you book. In fact, I offer the only 300% money back guarantee. Just recently I performed 85 minutes for a group of 4 to 6 year olds.

Pre-K and Kids Turning 3, 4 and 5: A birthday magic show is a great idea. It’s also magical to have it in your school The kids are young but they love an almost full length show. The magic is silly and the jokes are physical and age appropriate. I always recommend my stunning package which includes Gizmo the Clown instead of the magic kits if you want to upgrade.

Preschoolers: The kids magic show I perform for this crowd is fun and lively; there is lots of interaction and I do a number of tricks where the kid’s think they’ve figured it out only to discover a twist. The birthday child becomes the star magician and helps out with most of the magic tricks and even picks his or her own assistants. Adding in Gizmo the Clown or upgrading to the Stunning package is a good idea as well. If you don’t like clown, Gizmo can come and twist balloons without a costume.

Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd: Children this age are absolutely fascinated by kids magic. I perform “the works.” It’s exciting, fun, and involves the kids at every turn. All the boys and girls help in some way or another. Your birthday child will pick out his assistants and even try to figure out the magic. She may also perform a magic feat only Houdini could figure out. Magic lessons are a great addition at this age and also helps fill in any unplanned party time. All the kids love the floating kid, might want to pass on Saw through body. Adding in Gizmo the clown is a slam dunk for kindergarteners and 1st graders… it’s hit or miss with 2nd graders.

3rd and 4th: At this age, the kids magic show is catered to the age and interest. I do a lot of magic the kids think they have figured out but in the end are fooled in good fun. Your birthday child may read the minds of her audience and pick out assistants for tricks she will perform. Your lucky boy will try to fool me and do his best until he actually beats me! Each magic show is a bit different; the show for a 3rd grade girl will differ a bit from one for a 4th grade boy. I craft my show fit the audience. I highly recommend the lessons option or upgrading to the Gold package for this age if it suits your budget. Needless to say, the sawing in half is a crowd pleaser but I still recommend the “floating kid.” Gizmo is usually a “no go” for the 3rd and 4th graders.

5th grade and up: I custom tailor a magic show from your kids interests. I do some very complex magic work and perform what your child likes best in magic, from “street” to small illusions, and more. If you’re not sure, I will bring everything, and get to know the audience. Lessons are offered with a deck of magic cards. I teach them the card tricks, and they take home the deck.

Schools: I offer a wide variety of fun choices, please read my school show descriptions to see what I offer.

Childcare: The only award winning magic you can feature at your center. The parents will appreciate you providing the best entertainment for their dollar. My rates are better than any entertainer in Denver. See the shows here.

Scouts: From special programs designed just for scouts to just a fun magic show all the kids will love! See more here.