For some people, failure is not an option. It’s hard to fathom a world where your marriage fails. But it does happen and it’s important to remember not to beat yourself up over it. Here are things to remember if your marriage is coming to an end:

* As humans, we often have trouble getting things perfect the first time around.

* Instead of seeing this marriage as one that didn’t end when “death do you part” but instead earlier than that, see it as a marriage that just didn’t work out as planned. Seeing it like this, you can grow as a person.

* Don’t let society get to you. Some people can be harsh on those who deal with failed marriages; they see them as quitters. But these people don’t know you and what you two went through together.

* Just “sticking out” a marriage due to the fact that you committed to each other the day you walked down the aisle, doesn’t help your relationship. It’s better to just go your own separate ways than to be unhappy with each other for the rest of your lives. It’d barely be considered a “successful” marriage.

Why Divorce Is Getting More Common

Divorce is separating our marriages more than death nowadays because of these three reasons:

1. We’re living a lot longer than we did one hundred years ago.

2. Women are now allowed to have a better education so they now are given a choice and don’t have to be dependent on men.

3. The change in social values and the law, such as no-fault marriage.

Facts about Divorce

Here are some facts about divorce that may surprise you.

* 50% of married couples get a divorce.

* Some couples only remain married based on financial and health care benefits.

* Unfortunately, divorce is here to stay. However, getting society to accept divorce and families who have been broken up is important. We can’t let people keep labeling families as “broken”.

* There are many programs for children that have gone through a divorce between their parents.

* We sometimes marry for less honorable reasons. Some examples include money, health benefits, etc.

* People do marry for the best intentions, like love.

Future Relationships

We can work towards improving future relationships, though, in spite of what may have happened in the past.

* Have faith that things will work out better the second or even third time around. After all, no one is perfect and it’s good to realize everything will be okay in the end.

* Other people go through the same thing.

* Know that you tried your best.

* You can take a lot of important lessons away from this experience.

People can be harsh about divorce. You just have to keep your head on straight and know that your marriage was not a failure. After all, only you and your partner know what happened inside your home.

Divorce happens around us every day. It’s a sad fact, but divorce isn’t going to go away. Before moving on, give yourself as much time as you feel is necessary. Learn from any mistakes that were made in your previous marriage and improve upon them.